Sometimes life is interesting. I never fail to have thoughts in my mind about someone around me.Anyone will agree that standing in a queue is BORING--(why not think about why the loving couple infront hasnt break up yet?)Or when you walk in the streets, think about, why did this handsome kid fall for "that thing" besides him.Ugly yet true enough, this are things that went through alot of our minds ONCE, yet most of us are not daring enough to admit it. HAHA!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poor children

Ever tried drinking and eating out of the TRASH?
Here's a small note to those richies out there...

Unless you live in a place like this... it is a line of squatter shelter along a drain.

Kids that are playing with trash and "earning" their meals everyday on their own

A occasional REDBULL found to quench her thirst...

while singaporeans who visit indonesia just eat their guts out...

AND i did my part by leaving all my cash with this small little boy before i sail off this country where beggars are so young and life is so fragile...

You will never know what is poverty and the meaning of weath until you been to a country like this where poor people are all around you.

there are some who are in such terrible state that i cannot even bare to take photos of them...

So people, whom like myself, complain so much about having not enough money so that we can buy PSP, clothes, fancy watches, bags and wallets... please...

If anyone FEELS something, then please

$0.10 also can la!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

1987 Abandoned House in Ubin.

1987 一九八七
Confirm anyone who went Ubin would not notice this house.
Not to say even go inside. but then
2 stupid idiot went in and took photos... i remember we trashed the door.
Think we saw the last piece of date on the calendar was left at 1987.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Why Do MAN try to succeed that HARD!?

If you agree with me that MAN, as in MAN, generally has more Urge to succeed compared to women. MAN tries to get more money, cars, credit cards, muscles, respect and tries ever so hard to climb the coporate level.

But ever wonder what is it they MAN truly wants?

Money, cars, credit cards or .... etc wadever, are just tickets...

tickets to what they ultimately wants...

i say ... if 这个世界没有了女人,世界的男人会变成废人。

guys earn $ so they ultimately can get, or let the girl of their dream live a comfortable life.

Isn't it?

which guys earn $ so that they can give their bro a better life? if got then donate me money la...

scientific evidence: u think zha bor like which one??


I hereby say all this to cover my backside. This is a blatant rubbish talk about the society that i percieve. You may or may not like the things i say or impress upon. You reserve the rights to dig your eyes out and not to read this blog, OR just click away from here. I shall not be held responsible for any negative impact on your mental health after reading the posts. I, however, will be glad to take any credits for causing positive thinking.